the heaven and hell beat


In 2013 Peter A. Barker was ensconced in his studio mixing “Dio Finding The Sacred Heart Live in Philly 1986” for Eagle Rock Entertainment.

While mixing the song “Heaven and Hell” one of the most iconic Heavy Metal songs it occurred to Mr. Barker, that the song, put to a hip hop beat could be an incredible basis for a hip hop smash.


After delivery of the master recordings to Eagle Rock, Barker set about taking the live tracks from 1986 and using it as a basis for a new Hip Hop song. The beat truly jumps out of the speakers. Listen here:

Picture this. Coachella, 2019, Kendrick Lamar center stage with a video and hologram of Ronnie James Dio imploring the 1986 crowd on the video screens with the famous “On and On” chant while Kendrick implores the crowd in front of him. As the beat launches it will truly be a fist in the air moment of the year. I believe this could be one of the biggest hip hop smashes ever. As fortune would have it, Dio is rolling out a world wide hologram tour in 2018.