Moses Stone Feat. Shwayze and Hero DeLano - Gone



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Drake might have had his summer of revenge in twenty-sixteen, but twenty-seventeen is all about letting go and moving on as told in “Gone”, the lighthearted beachy hit from the hearts, minds, and mouths of Moses Stone, Hero DeLano, and Shwayze (yes, that Shwayze). This post-romance groove sings the optimistic tale of a three unfortunate lovers who came to the sad realization that their partners were only in it for the free stuff… so they gave ‘em the boot in a melodious manner that empowers the poor soul and strengthens the power from within. 


GENRE: Pop/ Hip-hop/ 



Moses Haughton Jr better known by his stage name Moses Stone born (October 19, 1986) American Recording ArtistMusic ProducerEntrepreneur, and Actor. Moses Stone has appeared on MTVBETShowtime At The ApolloNBC'S The VoiceNickelodeon. Born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Prince George's County, Maryland, he moved to Hollywood where he attended Musicians Institute. There he played with various musical genres and artists including rock, pop, r&b, hip hop, indie, alternative, jazz, funk, electronica, reggae and reggae-ton etc.

Moses Stone was recently on Season 2 of The Voice on legendary recording artist Christina Aguilera's team (Team Xtina). Moses was seen by millions of people from around the world and he gained a substantial amount of knowledge from his coach Aguilera. Moses Stone strongly believes in community awareness, and actively participates in various fundraisers and charity events, such as Kicks 4 Kids, and fundraising for domestic violence and abuse awareness. He also performs at benefit concerts and attends several events to give back.


Shwayze is the stage name of Aaron Smith (born May 29, 1985), an American rapper. His first single "Buzzin'" peaked at #46 on the Billboard Hot 100.His second single "Corona and Lime," has reached #23 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US[2] and #3 in the US iTunes Store. Shwayze's self-titled debut album, which Cisco Adler co-wrote, was released on August 19, 2008. 

Shwayze's story of success is considerably short, taking in mind that gut was all he needed to achieve his dream. The rapper who shows his face in the rap scene with his tracks "Buzzin'" as well as "Corona and Lime" did have a personal struggle early in his life that brought him a greater courage in taking his life direction to a better future. He was born Aaron Smith in 1986 in Malibu, California. While the region he grew up in is closely attached to the high lifestyle and the luxury it's drenched with, Shwayze settled on the less prosperous side of the town. He lived in a trailer park, juggling his time to work at several jobs while helping his grandfather as a handyman. "Everyone else pretty-much got sick of me," he said, "and the only choice I really had was working for my grandfather, a handyman, as his assistant installing doors and windows, and fixing light bulbs for old ladies..." It was before he did the unthinkable. 

hero delano

Hero DeLano, born on the calm shore of Pacific Palisades, now rides the rising tide of life in the “real world.” His beachy, aucoustic sound tells upbeat and authentic stories of small victories with real devastating losses. Hero’s music not only captures those intense moments of joy, but also fear, courage, loneliness, and defeat while maintaining a bright message of hope shining on the horizon. 

As a producer, Hero extends past the beach to cover the sounds of the city. Experimenting with across genres, he draws from eclectic archetypes in order to discover what’s beyond in order to make what’s new, rather than beneath the ceiling of contemporary pop music. There’s always an uplifting surprise in the expressive quality of his three-dimensional music. Hero firmly believes that music is a team sport and that sharing is part of being creative and will work tirelessly on his arrangements until they meet his standard of perfection. 


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